Design Coach & Body Company Service Centre

We provide motorhome and caravan insurance work, dealing with all New Zealand Insurance companies. 

We work with providing endorsements for imported vehicles to meet NZ Standards. We require payment on collection of vehicles, and we have finance options available. 

Insurance Work

We are approved repairers with all major insurance companies in NZ such as State, Covi, Star, AA, AMI and IAG. We undertake a huge range of insurance work, from small dents to large areas of damage, from repairs to replacements. We understand the challenge of timeframes with insurance work which brings additional challenges with motorhome and caravan storage, or conversely, getting back on the road as fast as possible. 

We Work With All Makes And Models

Motorhomes - This is the bulk of our work and the area we are busiest in. A lot of this work is very specialised and involves problem-solving and we’re proud to have the ideal team to meet any requirements, from carpentry to auto electrical, and much more. 
Caravans - Another mainstay of work involves caravans, which are used for a variety of purposes, and custom-fitted to suit requirements. Coffee and Food Trucks, like Caravans, often involve gas fittings, safety certificates and regular maintenance.

We Work With Additional Powered and Non Powered Vehicles

  • Food Trucks
  • Coffee Trucks/Caravans
  • Buses
  • Horse Floats and Horse Trucks
  • Race Trailers – often involve customised fit-outs
  • Motorbike Trailers – customised to suit requirements.
  • Multi-Purpose Trailers – often involve and adding winches, gates, etc.